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Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips b.Birmingham 1939-

Peter Phillips began his art education at the age of thirteen years old when he attended Moseley Road Secondary School of Art, Birmingham. Specialising in applied arts, among the skills he acquired were technical drawing, architectural illustration, graphic design, silver smithing, heraldry and sign-writing. These disciplines learnt at such an impressionable age have influenced the artist throughout his career. The things that he was not taught were art history and fine art. During his intermediate course Peter Phillips decided to be a painter. He became interested in pre-Renaissance art for it’s non-illusionistic qualities, or as he has said, the artists weren’t trying to create ‘a hole the wall’.

One of the 1959 intake at the Royal College of Art which also included David Hockney, Allen Jones and Derek Boshier, he emerged as one of the leading lights in the so-called Second Wave of British Pop Artists.

In 1964 he visited America for two years, driving coast to coast with Allen Jones. American cars and automobile parts feature prominently in his work juxtaposed with unrelated elements such as funfair decor, American pin-ups, on a dazzling background of abstract patterns that congeal to take on the characteristic of a seamless collage which the viewer must decipher, the artist leaving no clues as to a specific point of entry - and no exit.