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Pop Art a continuing history
Marco Livingstone

An excellent introduction to the genre charting its origins, Pop at its zenith and the movement’s enduring legacy to contemporary art. Super size, in glorious Technicolor, choc’ full o’ goodness. Very highly recommended.

Patrick Caulfield

Marco Livingstone

The major monograph on Patrick Caulfield’s work illustrated with over 150 paintings, almost his entire output since 1961 while he was still studying at the Royal College of Art. It comprehesively charts the evolution of his art, weaving together texts published by the author during the past 25 years that analyse different phases of the artist’s career.

David Hockney by David Hockney
My early years

Edited by Nikos Stangos

In this witty, lucid and unpretentious autobiography, David Hockney tells of his childhood in Bradford, his years at the Royal College of Art and his travels to the States and France. Illustrated with numerous reproductions, the artist’s story is full of anecdotes about himself, fellow artists and his friends which reveal an insight to his work. A first class read!

That’s the way I see it
David Hockney

Edited by Nikos Stangos

Taklng his story forward, David Hockney recounts his life and work from the mid-70s which as well as including painting embraces photocollage, his fascination with technology; fax drawings and colour laser prints, and his highly acclaimed stage designs for the opera.